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At Cassida Construction, our mission is to serve our customers with quality construction services, which adds value to their projects.  From planning through post construction, Cassida is committed to the project and the team.  Cassida serves its clients by evaluating alternate solutions, providing creativity, and continuously challenging ideas to find the best options.
Cassida excels when working as part of a collaborative team to develop, design, and construct each project.  Cassida's clients participate in the process every step of the way, controlling the design, and achieving their goals for cost, schedule, and quality.

As our business continues to evolve we have switched our focus to concentrate on Tenant Improvements (Buildouts) and Commercial Renovations. Rather than subcontracting out the majority of our work as we have in the past, we now employ the craftsmen directly.  This helps us maintain consistency with our product.  This gives us better control of quality, scheduling and budget.  We have been very fortunate recently in growing our business exponentially while others are shrinking or worst yet, closing their doors.  We credit this growth to the partnerships we cultivate with our clients.  It is not uncommon for us to work with a franchisee who then recommends us to other franchisees within the same organization.  Other times we have worked with franchisees who maintain locations in multiple markets.  As these clients recognize the quality and value we bring to their organization they trust us to handle more locations which, in turn, allows us to broaden our footprint and expand into other markets. 

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          Florida - CBC1258371 & RG291103821
Georgia - GCCO004297                Alabama - 48103
Mississippi - MS20802-MC  Louisiana - LA59786

Cassida Construction knows that construction is more than just building buildings. We  work with our clients to build relationships that, in turn, equate to more projects.

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